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Brilliant colors, clear designs and pleasing forms. Avoid muddy and poorly-painted pieces. Do not buy restored or damaged wares.

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Increasing the confusion are the hundreds of porcelain decorating firms active in the early to japanse imari-platen daten 20th century simultaneously putting many different marks on the same wares seemingly at random but probably for some reason. One of the most critical moments was during the when all resources went towards the war efforts, and production and development became severely hampered and the markets suffered. Public museums such as the,and have important ceramic collections.

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Description For sale is this quite rare Japanese Imari model of a cat dating to the 19th century. The cat in a seated position is approx It is decorated in under glaze blue, over glaze iron red and green enamel, the eyes picked out in yellow and black.

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Imari, Chinese "Chinese Imari" is a decoration style with predominantly a dry iron red enamel highlighted with gilt applied on underglaze blue and white porcelain. Its immediate source of inspiration is the Japanese aka-e red painting but could be traced back to the Chinese "Wanli wucai " immediately before that. When during the 2nd half of the 17th century due to the downfall of the Ming dynasty the Dutch East India Company VOC could no longer export much porcelain from China, they turned to Japan as an alternative porcelain manufacturer which started the porcelain trade with Japan.

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They were exported to Europe in large quantities, especially between the second half of the 17th century and the first half of the 18th century. Typically Imari ware in the English use of the term is decorated in underglaze blue, with red, gold, black for outlines, and sometimes other colours, added in overglaze. In the most characteristic floral designs most of the surface is coloured, with "a tendency to overdecoration that leads to fussiness".

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Imari porcelain, also known as Arita ware, was first produced in the s in the Japanese town of Arita. Imari is the name of the port city from which the porcelain was first exported to the West. Imari is highly collectible and comes in many forms besides plates, such as cups, bowls, vases and figures.

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The food culture of Japan so proudly proclaimed to the world has long been supported by a rich ceramic culture, and artistic and functional Arita ware has made a great contribution to the development and popularity of Japanese cuisine. This section examines the beauty of the different styles characterizing Arita ware. There are various approaches concerning how to classify them, all the more so because Arita porcelain has always taken pride in its unparalleled diversity; however, the following limits itself to just four: Shoki-Imari, Kakiemon, Iro-Nabeshima, and Ko-Imari Kinrande. Shoki-Imari refers to early products fired at the start of porcelain production in Arita and date from the s to aroundand they are characterized by the sometsuke blue-and-white style; on a white ground with a tinge of blue, such living things as flowers and birds are painted only in blue.

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Imari warealso called Arita wareJapanese porcelain made at the Arita kilns in Hizen province. Among the Arita porcelains are white glazed wares, pale gray-blue or gray-green glazed wares known as celadons, black wares, and blue-and-white wares with underglaze painting, as well as overglaze enamels. Following the late 16th-century expansion of glazed ceramic production, porcelain-like wares were introduced.

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